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Ellehammer Aeroplane




Danish inventor Jacob Christian Hansen Ellehammer’s 1905 first full-scale attempt did not fly. Ellehammer then experimented with an upper “sail”, added it to the machine, and succeeded in making brief tethered ascensions from a circular track on September 12, 1906. Since the island of Lindholon, on which tests were carried out, was too small for a straight flight to have been attempted.
Many people acknowledge J.C.H.Ellehammer of Denmark as the first to fly in Europe because of a reported 42 m hop made on 12 September 1906.
Ellehammer’s work does not seem to have relied on the designs of his predecessors. He did fail to develop a workable control system. Lack of funds finally forced Ellehammer to abandon his experiments. 


Engine: Ellehammer air cooled radial, 20 hp.
Prop: 4-blade.
Wing span: 30 ft 11.75in (9,35 m).
Length: 20 ft 4 in (6,20 m).
Height: 10 ft 8.25in  (3.26 m).
Wing area: 398.3 sq. ft (37.00sq.m).
Gross weight: approx 397 lb (180 kg).
Speed: 35 mph (57 kph).
Seats: 1.


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