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Eipper-Formance Quicksilver (Hang-glider)



Designed in 1972 as a hang-glider by Bob Lovejoy.

The popular Quicksilver monoplane hang glider was developed it into a very good power glider. With its twin-boom tail support structure, an engine mounted from the wing center section it offers gen-tle and forgiving flight characteristics and is generally foot-launched, though landing gear can be added.


Quicksilver B
The Quicksilver B, designed by Bob Lovejoy, was available as ready-to-fly, kit form, or as plans. The airframe is aircraft aluminium tubing, wings and tail surfaces are dacron covered. Pitch is weight-shift controlled, while the swingseats connected to the rudder controls turns.
A Quicksilver B kit in 1974 cost $545 and plans sold for $5. Ready to fly the Quicksilver B cost $965. A custom colour wing cost an additional $30.
There were homebuilt versions in cluding one in 1974 with polyethylene covering instead of sail cloth.


First year motorised 1976.

L/D: 7-1.
Cruise: 18-25 mph.
Gross wt: 395 lbs.
Empty wt: 155 lbs.
Max pilot wt: 220 lbs.
Takeoff dist: 40-50 ft.
ROC: 250 fpm.


Quicksilver B
Wingspan: 30 ft
Wing area: 116 sq.ft
Weight: 56 lb
Cruise speed: 22 mph
Max speed: 32 mph
Stall speed: 17 mph
Max glide ratio: 7-1
Min sink: 250 fpm





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