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Eigenmann / Lang Phonix




Light sailplane circa 1998. The Phonix is a rigid wing, which has a boxed leading edge but retains a cross-boom and lower rigging. With no moving flying surfaces, the pilot warps the wingtips by weight shift while flying prone.


A 1994 hang glider for Advanced pilots.
Wing area: 13.5 m²
Wing span: 11.4 m
Aspect ratio: 9.6
Hang glider weight: 36 kg
Minimum speed: 30 km/h
Nose angle: 132°


Weight: 33 kg
Wing span: 11.4 m
Wing area: 13.5 sq.m
Vne: 110 km
Stall: 32 km
Vzmin: 0.85 m/sec
Glide Ratio: 15 @ 62 kph
Price (1998) 14950 DM


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