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Eastwood Tyro

Mk. II

The Tyro is a high wing strut braced tail dragger. Construction is of aluminium with a constructed main spar, pressed ribs and stressed skin leading edge. Structual members are all bolted or pop riveted with no welding required. Covering is fabric material stretched over the frame. Undercarriage suspension has bungee rubbers on main wheels. Aircraft can be assembled and disassembled in seven minutes for storage and trailering. A cockpit pod has been included for pilot protection.

Engine: Rotax 447, 43 hp.
Prop: 68 cm x 28 cm pitch.
Wing span: 8.9 m, 10.5 sq m.
Length: 5.33m.
Weight: 113kgs.
Fuel capacity: 20 ltr.
Econ cruise speed: 56 kts.
Stall: l9kts.
Construction time: 100 hrs.
ROC 1100 fpm.


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