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Eastern Ultralights Snoop


Single-seat single-engined high-wing monoplane with conventional three-axis control. Wing has unswept leading and trailing edges, and constant chord; cruciform tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fully flying rudder; roll control by one-third-span spoilers; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; wing profile single-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; with additional tailskid; tension bar suspension on all wheels. No ground steering. No brakes. Aluminium-tube framework, with optional pod. Engine mounted above wing driving pusher propeller.

The prototype of the Snoop single-seater was shown at Sun 'n' Fun at Lakeland, Florida, in 1981, though at that time it had not made its first flight. At that time it was a two-axis ultralight without spoilers and with a different structure and tail surfaces from the eventual production model. After several important modifications, it is today offered in the form of a kit requiring 30h for assembly, according to Eastern Ultralights.

At Sun 'n' Fun in March 1983, Eastern Ultralights announced the replacement of the Cuyuna 430R engine, previously standard on the Snoop, with the new ULII-02 from the same manufacturer. Options available are floats, skis, a pod, completely closed cockpit, wheel fairings, electric start and a strobe.

Price in 1982 $4790 as kit.

Engine: Cuyuna ULII-02
Max power 35 hp at 6200 rpm.
Prop-eller diameter and pitch 54x27 inch, 1.37x0.68m.
V-belt reduction ratio 2.0/1.
Max static thrust 200 lb, 90.6 kg.
Power per unit area 0.21 hp/sq.ft, 2.3 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 5.0 US gal, 4.2 Imp gal, 18.9 litre.
Length overall 16.2 ft, 4.90 m.
Height overall 8.6ft, 2.59m.
Wing span 33.0ft, 10.05m.
Constant chord 5.0ft, 1.52m.
Dihedral 7 deg
Sweepback 0 deg.
Total wing area 165 sq.ft, 15.3sq.m.
Total spoiler area 3.0sq.ft, 0.28sq.m.
Rudder area 6.0 sq.ft, 0.56sq.m .
Total elevator area 6.0 sq.ft, 0.56 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 6.6/1.
Wheelbase 5.6 ft, 1.67 m.
Nosewheel diameter overall 12 inch, 30cm.
Main wheels diameter overall 14 inch, 35 cm.
Floats, dimensions 9 x 2 ft, 2.74 x 0.61 m.
Skis, dimensions 3 x 1 ft, 0.91 x 0.30 m.
Empty weight 238 lb, 108kg.
Max take-off weight 518 lb, 235kg.
Payload 280 lb, 127kg.
Max wing loading 3.2 lb/sq.ft, 15.3 kg/sq.m.
Max pow-er loading 14.8 lb/hp, 6.7 kg/hp.
Load factors +5.5, -3.5 design; +6.0, -4.0 ultimate.
Max level speed 50 mph, 80 kph.
Never exceed speed 55 mph, 88 kph.
Max cruising speed 45 mph, 72 kph.
Economic cruising speed 40 mph, 64 kph.
Stalling speed 18 mph, 29 kph.
Max climb rate at sea level 600ft/min, 3.0m/s.
Take-off dist: 75 ft, 23 m.
Landing distance 100 ft, 30 m.
Service ceiling 10,000 ft, 3050 m.
Range at average cruising speed 125 mile, 201 km.


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