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Eagle R&D Helicycle



First flown in April 1985.
After crashing his demonstrator Helicycle in 1999, Schramm did find investment. The result is a single seat partially enclosed helicopter which flies conventionally or as a compound with an additional pusher engine. An ultralight version uses Rotax 503. Elastomeric rotor head, long-life blades. Optional turbo version has full power to 10,000 ft.

Engine options are: 74 hp Rotax 618 derated to 60 hp, Rotax 503. Compound engine: 45 hp Zenoah. Rotor blades: 21’ x 7” all aluminium by Eagle R&D.

The HELICYCLE  in it's normal configuration is designed to cruise along side the industry standard R-22. Landings and take offs at above 9000 ft. are possible because of a 7.5/1 power to weight ratio. The same as the Hughes 500.

The Helicycle features include a fully harmonized rotor, a modulated collective system, very low 2-per-rev vibration level due to elastomeric thrust bearings, generous flapping angle for low "G" and slope landing conditions, control friction devices, and electronic throttle control.

The cyclic control in the HELICYCLE  accurately models the feel of the R-22. With a high degree of control power, it provides a transition for the R-22 qualified student pilot. To aid in controlling costs, the Helicycle has 12 grease zerks and 2 sliders that do need a minute or two of attention now then, the rest of the bearings are sealed. The Helicycle certified level lifetimes for it's drive train and rotor system components are 1500-2000 hrs.




Engines: 2 x McCulloch
Top speed: 105 mph
Cruise: 90 mph
Range: 160 sm
Rate of climb: 900 fpm
Service ceiling: 9000 ft
Fuel capacity: 12 USG
Empty weight: 395 lb
Gross weight; 672 lb
Length: 21.7 ft
Height: 7 ft
Disk span; 20 ft
Disk area: 314 sq.ft
Seats: 1

Helicycle E
Cruise: 95 mph (120 compound).
Top speed: 105 mph (135 compound).
Empty wt: 395 lbs.
Useful load: 277 lbs (320 compound).
Gross wt: 820 lbs.
Width: 4’2”.
Height: 7’.
Length: 19’7”


Engine: Rotax 618, 60 hp
MAUW: 310 kg
Empty weight: 179 kg
Fuel capacity: 45 lt
Max speed: 170 kph
Cruise speed: 145 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Climb rate: 4.5 m/s
Seats: 1
Fuel consumption: 16 lt/hr
Kit price (1998): $25,000



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