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Eagle Aircraft XDS / X-TS


Composite Industries Limited (CIL) was formed to develop the aircraft initially designated the Eagle XDS (Eagle X Dual Seater). A name change followed the thought that XDS emphasised a training role and XTS - Eagle two seater - was adopted instead. After a prototype the design was frozen for two pre-production prototypes.

The Eagle prototype uses a 100hp Continental 0-200 engine to give a 800 fpm rate of climb, 115 knot cruise, weighs 959 kgs at Max T/O weight with a minimum airspeed of 44 knots.

There are two major changes incorpo-rated in the pre-production prototypes. The fuselage is three inches deeper in the cockpit area as a result of a quest to provide a safety "crush zone" and the undercarriage was being changed from tapered struts to legs attached to rubber blocks in compression.

The aircraft failed to meet the JAR-VLA requirements, and received a special category certificate of airworthiness from Australia’s CAA. The stall speed exceeded the permitted 45 kts by 2 kts, at MAUW and forward C of G.

Engine: Continental IO-240 125hp.
TBO: 2000 hrs.
Cruise: 120 kts.
Fuel flow: 23 lt @ cruise.
Climb: 1100 fpm.
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft.


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