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Eagle Aircraft DW-1 Eagle



Deliveries of Eagle Aircraft's new ag-plane, manufactured by Bellanca, were planned to begin in October 1979. Designed from advanced glider technology, which enhances fuel efficiency, the Eagle was certificated with 220- and 240-hp Continentals and 275- and 350-hp Jacobs (all radials); certification was pending with the 300-hp Lycoming opposed powerplant.

An agreement with Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of June 1979 was for Bellanca to manufacture Eagle on its behalf. Eagle production lasted until the early 1980s.

Eagle 300

First built: 1980.
Engine: 1 x Lycoming IO-540, 300 hp.
TBO: 1500 hrs.
Prop: Hartzell 3 blade, constant speed 86 in.
Seats: 1.
Length: 26 ft.
Height: 10.9 ft.
Wingspan: 55 ft.
Wing area: 386 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 15.1.
Max ramp wt: 5400 lbs.
Max take off wt: 5400 lbs.
Standard empty wt: 2650 lbs.
Max useful load: 2750 lbs.
Max landing wt: 4000 lbs.
Wing loading: 13.5 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 18 lbs/hp.
Max useable fuel: 426 lbs.
Hopper capacity: 250 USG.
Climb rate: 750 fpm.
Climb @ 8000 ft: 450 fpm.
Service ceiling; 20,000 ft.
Max speed: 100 kts.
Working speed: 100 kts.
Fuel flow @ working speed: 103 pph.
Endurance @ working speed: 3.9 hr.
Stalling speed clean: 48 kts.
Turbulent air penetration speed: 103 kts.
Fixed tail-wheel undercarriage.
Fitted with spoilers.


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