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Durand Mark V



The Durand biplane features a negative stagger configuration so that it does not produce a full stall, only a very short period of “nibbling” with little loss of altitude. The structure is rated + 3.8 and —1.5 G’s. Roll is produced by a combination of effects when a spoiler is ac-tivated, instead of by use of ailerons. According to its designer, a spoiler for roll control actually helps an airplane turn in the direction of the bank, while ailerons do not. The trailing edges of the wings are taken up by full-span flaps. With a standard 150-hp Lycoming, the Durand can carry two people with 128 pounds of baggage at 135 mph over a range of 520 miles. Cockpit controls are basic, with dual sticks in lieu of standard control wheels. The cabin features excep-tional visibility by using a forward sliding canopy instead of side doors normally associated with high-wing and biplane cabin aircraft.

Engine 150-hp Lycomlng
HP range: 125-180.
Gross Wt. 1840 lb
Empty Wt. 1210 lb
Fuel capacity 24.5 USG
Wingspan 24 ft 6 in
Length 20 ft 3 in
Top speed 170 mph
Cruise 135 mph
Climb rate 1200 fpm
Ceiling 15,000 ft
Normal range 400 miles
Range with auxiliary tanks 520 mile
Takeoff run 550 ft
Landing roll 450 ft


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