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Dufour Escape



The Escape glider was made especially for paramotor flying by Eric Dufour. Made by Swing in Germany, the four certified sizes cover a take-off weight range from 80-250 kg, which means that even tandem trike flying is possible with the Escape.

The Escape is a glider for beginners as well as for experienced pilots, DVH 1-2 and DULV 1, considering the corresponding weight range.

The Escape glider is very easy to inflate and is also an excellent choice to fly PPG on trike. It has risers a for paramotor. It has performance with high passive safety and pleasant handling for situations ranging from training to cross-country or distance flying.

The Escape is certified for motorized flying as well as for free flying. The trimmers allow cruise speed to be increased to approx. 45 km/h and the counter-torque to be compensated without troublesome counter-braking.

Made from a high-quality and durable fabrics: Perseverance PN6 and Toray WT7, the Escape comes complete with back-pack bag or stuff sack, wind sock, and 3 year warranty.

An Escape was 1st place at the 2006 PPG National American competitions.



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