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Dudek Reaction Paramotor



Based on the same proven reflex-wing concept of the popular PPG wing Action (from Dudek and Paramania), the ReAction is a technically improved and graphically renewed version aimed at advanced pilots. In comparison to its predecessor, the ReAction is a bit faster, inflates easier and has improved wing durability and ease of use. Like its ancestor, the Reaction features a self-stabilizing wing section that, in the case of a decrease in its angle of attack, automatically responds to compensate. “In other words it always stays neutral with regard to its load, so it's tuck-resistant. The risers now have two suspension points (low and high) to adjust to the pilot's harness/engine setup, and come with new trimmer buckles and exchangeable trimmer tapes. It has partially closed leading edge with 65 cells, an aspect ratio of 5,43, and top speed is 60 k/h, with 42-46 k/h trim speed, according to Dudek. It is also available in an 'S' version, equipped with non-sheathed lines in the upper rigging, and a trike version called “ Reaction Cabrio ” for a weight range of 150 to 300 kg. For foot-launch flight there are 4 sizes to choose from.

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