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Aeronca Aircraft Corp C-2 / PC-2 Scout


The first production single-seater to win a significant place in the market was the 30-hp Aeronca C-2, developed from a 1924 homebuilt constructed by U.S. Army Engineer Jean Roche. Aeronca produced this in 1929 but quickly developed it into the two-seat 36-hp C-3 that remained in production into 1936.


Cincinnati’s Aeronautical Corp. of America debuted the Aeronca C-2 at the Los Angeles Air Races of 1929 and officially introduced it in 1930. The single place C-2 (first (X3774) flying on 24 October 1929 piloted by Fred Fluck) was similar to the 1925 “Roche-Dohse” fliver plane, the PC-2 being a pontoon equipped model. The first production aircraft (X626N c/n 2) was the beginning of the 22-year Aeronca line.

Construction of the C-2 was conventional, utilizing a high-braced wing with two spruce spars and a welded steel-tube fuselage covered with fabric. Production totaled 167, including the C-2N Deluxe Scout version of 1931, which featured a 36-hp Aeronca powerplant. Two C-2N were built (NC13083 and NC13089) plus 1 converted from a C-1, and one from a C-2 (NC643W). The increased horsepower added about 20 mph to the C-2’s top speed and cruise speed but limited its range to 175 miles.




Three were PC-2 on wooden floats. Several were built as two seat models. The C-2 sold for US$1545 and the PC-2 Scout for US$1245 in 1931. The C-2N sold for US$1695.

C-2 / PC-2 Scout
Engine: Aeronca E-107, 26hp        
Wing span: 36 ft0 in
Length: 20 ft 0 in            
Gross weight: 700 lb
Empty weight: 426 lb                  
Payload: 274 lb
Max speed: 80 mph                
Cruise speed: 65 mph
Stall speed: 32 mph                
Range: 240 sm
Initial climb rate: 450 fpm             
Seats: 1

C-2N Deluxe Scout
Engine: Aeronca E-113, 36hp         
Payload: 274 lb
Max speed: 82 mph                 
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall speed: 32 mph                
Range: 300 sm




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