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Dragonfly Dragonfly / Heliot



Designed by Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni to FAR 27. Constructed with a welded titanium frame, the overall configuration is conventional, with a two bladed main rotor with a semi-rigid teetering head, and two bladed tail rotor. Both sets of blades are metal and of similar design to the proven Jet Ranger - although the blades, following European convention, rotate clockwise (when viewed from above). The Dragon Fly shows the influence of Bell Augusta parentage. The transmission is only about 20 cm deep and 30 cm in diameter. It is driven through a pair of triple V-belts and a centrifugal clutch by a horizontally opposed, four cylinder, two stroke engine. At 6250 RPM the 1052 cc engine develops 105 HP, although a more powerful 1300 cc 140 HP version is undergoing testing at the moment (1995) and will be fully inter-changeable with the 105 HP engine.

The engine is fed by four Nikuni 44 carburettors, each with their own air filter and automatic vacuum pump, ensuring continuous fuel supply in the event of a failure of both of the main booster pumps. The carbs are mounted on each cylinder via a thermionic manifold - thereby eliminating the need for a carburettor heat control since they are heated directly by conduction. The need for a mixture control is also eliminated by the provision of a fixed jet with automatic altitude and temperature compensation. Engine cooling is by forced air from two axial, belt driven fans.

HELIOT variant is for military and civil special operations, with a 661 lb (300 kg) useful load and is fitted with a camera and color monitor; can carry an external module to permit unmanned remote flying; with module removed, HELIOT can be piloted.




Dragonfly 300
Engine: Hirth F30A26AK, 105 hp.
MTOW: 450 kg.
Empty wt: 230 kg.
Rotor Dia: 6.6m.
Cabin width: 1.25m.
Vne: 80 kt.
Cruise: 65 kt.
HIGE: 6730 ft.
HOGE: 4760 ft.
Endurance: 2 hr 50 min.
Fuel cap: 64 lt.
ROC @ 37 kt: 1300 fpm.
Seats: 2.
Descent autorotation: 1200 fpm @ 35 kt.


Engine: Hirth F30, 130 hp
Rotor span: 6.6 m
MAUW: 450 kg
Empty weight: 230 kg
Fuel capacity: 60 lt
Max speed: 150 kph
Cruise speed: 110 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Climb rate: 9.5 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 18 lt/hr
Price (1998): £65,000
Kit price (1998): $83,000





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