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DFS Kranich
Schweyer A.G. Kranich
Schleicher Kranich
Kranich II
The DFS Kranich (or Crane), which first flew in the autumn of 1935, was the real forerunner of this new breed of two-seater which could be used for competition flying and long distance soaring as well as dual-control training.
Designed by Ing Hans Jacobs and built by Ing Luck, the Kranich prototype was developed from an earlier Jacobs
design, the Rhonsperber high performance single seater. After successful flight trials, the Kranich was put into production by Karl Schweyer A.G. at Mannheim, since the DFS did not manufacture aircraft of its own design except for prototypes, and altogether 400 Kranichs were built in Germany.


The type was also built under licence in Sweden, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Spain.
As late as 1952 Kranichs captured the first three places in the two-seater class in the World Gliding Championships held at Madrid and the type had previously set up more world records and many national ones. The two pilots sit in tandem under a long and narrow framed canopy with individual detachable sections, dual control being provided, and an unusual feature is a small transparent panel in each wing root to provide downward visibility for the instructor in the rear seat located behind the wing spar. Construction is of wood and fabric, the fuselage being of plywood. The mid-set gull wings were fitted with spoilers in the initial production version - use of these had been pioneered in the Rhonsperber - but the 1935 strengthened Kranich 2 was fitted with air brakes. Take-offs were made on a double wheel unit that was jettisoned when airborne, and there was a long ash skid under the forward fuselage for landing.
A Kranich 3 was used to flight test a special wing section for the Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-11, this wing section, of 1.5m span and 0.75m chord, being mounted on a steel tube framework on the tip of the nose in front of the cockpit, and having two large endplate surfaces on each side of it.
Kranch III
After the war 40 Kranich 3s were built by Focke-Wulf GmbH, the prototype of this series, registered D-3002, first flying on 28 May 1952. The Kranich 3 was different in several respects from the prewar versions; it had a new wing in the low-mid instead of mid position, with dihedral from the roots and straight taper instead of the gull wing with compound taper of prewar aircraft; aspect ratio was now 15.6 A longer forward fuselage was featured with the canopy top now flush with the fuselage top line; length was now 30ft 6.25in.
DFS- Kranich-3
Kranich 3
In the early 1970s a powered version of this veteran design was produced by Eduard Schappert in Germany, who modified one of the Kranich 3s built postwar by Focke-Wulf GmbH to have a 35hp Fichtel & Sachs SA-2-440 engine mounted on a retractable pylon aft of the rear seat, and driving a two-blade tractor propeller. A fuel tank of glassfibre in the fuselage held 1.87 Imp gallons, and this variant was designated Kranich 3M. It had a maximum speed of 87mph with the engine on, a cruising speed of 62mph, a take-off run of 985ft and a maximum range of 74 miles.
Length : 25.262 ft / 7.7 m
Wingspan : 59.055 ft / 18.0 m
Crew : 2
Schweyer Kranich
Wing span: 18.0 m (59 ft 0 in)
Length: 7.7 m (25 ft 3 in)
Wing area: 22.7 sq.m (244.4 sq.ft)
Wing section: Gottingen 535
Aspect ratio: 14.3
Empty weight: 255 kg (562 lb)
Max weight: 435 kg (959 lb)
Water ballast: None
Max wing loading: 19.16 kg/sq.m (3.92 lb/sq ft)
Max speed: 116 kt (215 km/h)
Stalling speed: 37.5 kt (70 km/h)
Min sinking speed: 0.69 m/sec (2.3 ft/sec)
Best glide ratio: 23.6
Kranich II
Length : 25.262 ft / 7.7 m
Wingspan: 59 ft 0.75 in / 18.0 m
Wing area: 244.4 sq ft / 22.7sq.m
Length: 25 ft 3.25 in
Empty Weight: 562 lb / 290kg
Max take off weight: 1025.3 lb / 465.0 kg
Wing Loading: 20.5kg/sq.m
Max. speed : 94 kts / 175 kph
Crew: 2
L/DMax: 23.6
MinSink: 2.3 ft/sec / 0.69 m/s / 65 kph
Aspect ratio: 14.27
Airfoil: Go 535
Kranch III
Wing span: 59.383 ft / 18.1m
Wing area: 21.06sq.m
Length: 29.921 ft / 9.12 m
Empty Weight: 330kg
Max take off weight: 1146.6 lb / 520.0 kg
Wing Load: 26.1kg/sq.m
Max. speed: 100 kts / 185 kph
MinSink: 0.70 m/s / 70 kph
L/DMax: 30 80 kph
Aspect ratio: 15.56
Airfoil: Go 549
Seats: 2
Kranich II
Kranich III



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