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Deutsche Flugzeubu-Werke GmbH / DFW
Allegemeine Transportanlagen Gesellschaft Maschinenbau (ATG)

Deutsche Flugzeubu-Werke GmbH / DFW was formed by Bernard Meyer at Lindenthal, Leipzig, in 1910, it built Maurice Farman biplanes under license and produced its own Mars biplane and a copy of the Jeannin Taube and Etrich Stahl-taube in 1914. During the war the DFW B series  (unarmed) and C (armed) two-seaters were well known, the C V in particular being license-built also by Aviatik and Halberstadt. In 1916 DFW produced the R.I. and R.ll giant bombers, very clean designs with engines in the fuselage. Planned civil development of these after the war had to be abandoned and they were scrapped, but civil conversions of C types were built. The company built no aircraft after 1920, amalgamating with Allegemeine Transportanlagen Gesellschaft Maschinenbau (ATG).
ATG joined Siebel in 1945 to become Siebel ATG (SIAT).
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