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Destiny Powered Parachutes 2000



The Destiny 2000 features bucket seats equipped with a standard 5 point harnes. Landings are controlled both by power and flare. The chassis absorbing landings. Gear legs have built in suspension with fibreglass rods and 22 in tires.
The Destiny 2000 has no cargo area, but comes with saddle bags.

Span: 38 ft
Length: 10 ft
Width: 6.7 ft
Wing area: 500 or 550 sq.ft
Empty weight: 370 lb
Gross weight: 850 lb
Top speed: 30 mph
Cruise: 26 mph
Fuel capacity: 10 USG
Rate of Climb: 700 fpm
Take off roll: 150 ft
Landing roll: 150 ft


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