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Delta Technology DS-26 Nomad



A high-wing monoplane with conventional tail surfaces. The ailerons and elevators are operated by a control stick, while the rud-der is operated by pedals. Aluminum tubing is used throughout. The wings are built from premolded leading edge forms and preformed sheet metal structural parts. Wing and tail covering is 1.8-ounce Dacron. Complete kits require final assembly. POWERPLANT: Unitrek 140-10 mounted in pusher position aft and below the main wing. A 1:1.98 reduction unit turns a two-blade wooden Ritz pro-peller. Fuel is carried in a high density polyethylene tank directly behind the pilot seat on GG. LANDING GEAR: Monowheel main gear with tail skid wheel. The main wheel measures 10 inches, and the rudder-connected tail wheel is 4 inches in diameter. The DS-26 allowed 28-50 hp Rotax engines. Doped double surface wing-covering, conventional three axis airplane con-trols, full 3600 roll cage, all metal aircraft type structure, 20 minute set-up.
Units delivered to June 1981: 189. Price 1982:  $3,860.


In 1984 Delta Technology had completed all design modifications on all three of the company's Nomad and Honcho ultralights.

''The Nomad 11, Honcho 11 and Super Honcho are now ready to go, and with the completion of our new production facility, we are prepared to deliver in two to four weeks," a company spokesman said. ''Our intent is to offer a special introduction price on.a limited number of aircraft in order to stimulate interest and awareness in the newly completed models,'' he added.

Delta also reduced the price on all three models by $1,000. The Honcho 11 was $3,980, the Nomad 11 $4,380 and the Super Honcho $4,980.

The Honcho 11 features all-metal construction, traditional, strutted wing design, energy-absorbing 360 degree roll-cage fuselage, conventional three-axis controls, strong wing structure with differential ailerons, hydraulically dampened independent suspension and a 10-year lifespan on double-surface wing coverings.

This offer was good until July 31, 1984; however, a limited quantity of aircraft were available. A production number and delivery date was to be issued upon receipt of payment in full or a 50 percent deposit.


Wingspan, 36 ft. 1 in.
Wing area, 147.34 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio, 8.84:1.
Overall length, 22 ft.
Empty weight, 152 lbs.
Usable payload (include fuel), 210 lbs.
Wing loading, 2.46 lbs/sq.ft.
L/D power-off glide ratio, 14.5:1.
Cruise speed (85% power), 35 mph
Stall speed, 24 mph.
Approach speed, 31 mph.
Flair speed, 24 mph.
Liftoff speed, 30 mph.
Takeoff roll distance, 225 ft.
Rate of climb, 185 fpm.
Fuel capacity, 2.5 USG.
Range at cruise, 106 sm.
Engine displace-ment, 8.2
Rated HP, 10 hp. S
tatic thrust, 85 lbs.


Engine: Solo 335, 20 hp.
Wing span: 11m.
Lenght: 5.62m.
Empty wt: 72kg.
MAUW: 185kg.
Range: 150km.


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