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Dart Manufacturing Co was formed 1937 at Columbus, Ohio, to manufacture Dart G two-seat light aircraft. This was a version of the aircraft known originally as the Monosport, designed and built by the Mono Aircraft Corporation. Taken over by Culver Aircraft Company of Columbus in 1939.

Mooney, while working for Monocoupe, designed the Monoprep G which was a low-wing monoplane with an open cockpit, seating two side-by-side. Given a cabin enclosure it became the Monosport G and was to have gone into production in October 1935, but financial problems prevented this.
Al Mooney left Monocoupe and bought the design and production rights from Lambert Aircraft. He teamed up with K K Culver and they formed the Dart Aircraft Co at Port Columbus, Ohio, in 1939. Several uncompleted airframes were modified to produce an improved version to be known as the Dart. This was certificated in April 1938 as ATC-674.
About fifty Darts were produced before the war, using one of three engines, the 90hp Lambert R-266 in the model G, the 90hp Ken-Royce in the model GK and the 90hp Warner Scarab Junior in the model GW.
In 1939 the company became the Culver Aircraft Co, and produced the new Culver Cadet. The Dart was not finished, however as rights were acquired by Applegate & Weyant in 1946 and the Dart DC with a 100hp Continental was built. Competition from newer models was too great and only about twelve were sold.


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