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Aeromarine 75 / Navy Flying Cruiser


The Aermarine 75s of 1920 were conversions of surplus USN Curtiss F-5Ls (actually ex-RAF Felixstowe F.5Ls) for service with Aeromarine Airways Inc between New York City and Atlantic City NJ, carrying 12 passengers.


Between 1920 and 1921 Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company modified for the needs for its subsidiary company Aeromarine Airways 8 F.5L coming from the surpluses of the US Navy. Arranged for the transport of 10 passengers, these sometimes baptized apparatuses Navy Cruiser they were used as of November 1920 between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba. One of these seaplanes carried out as of the 1 {{er}} November 1920 the first international air postal connection on behalf of the US Post Office). Aeromarine Airways also exploited the seasonal connections Miami - Bimini - Nassau, New York City - Atlantic City, and the line Cleveland - Detroit starting from July 14th, 1922. These apparatuses were baptized Santa Maria / Wolverine , Pinta , Niña , Colombus , Balboa , Ponce of Leon , Buckeye and Mendoza . This last is famous to have flown over New York with 27 people on board in May 1922. The Polar Bear is a Aeromarine 75 especially arranged for a polar forwarding of hunting organized in spring 1923 by Inglis Moore Uppercu , sole distributer of the cars Cadillac with New York and managing director of Aeromarine.


Aeromarine 75


Seven HS-2L were also converted.

Two F-5Ls (Aeromarine Model 75) with accommodation for 12 passengers used on Key West-Havana run until 1923, when air mail subsidies withdrawn.

Engines: 2 x Liberty 12A, 420hp        
Wing span: 103 ft 9 in
Length: 49 ft 4 in              
Speed: 89 mph
Ceiling: 11,500 ft







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