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D’Apuzzo D-201 Sportwing



The D-201 Sportwing is a completely redesigned version of the Senior Aero Sport. Of special interest is the attention that was given to reducing the cost and complexity of building the airplane without sacrificing the safety aspects of the previous models. The fuselage is a conventional steel-tube structure with aluminum alloy panels used for covering forward of the cockpit and fabric used aft of the cockpit. The wings are the conventionally braced biplane type with long-span ailerons on the lower wings. Power is supplied by engines ranging from 125-hp to 200-hp by Lycoming, while the most common powerplant is the 160-hp Lycoming. Seating is in tandem fashion with a canopy as an option.



Engine 160-hp Lycoming IO-320.
hp range 125-200
Wingspan 27 ft.
Length 21 ft 7.5 in.
Height: 7.6 ft.
Wing area: 181 sq.ft.
Gross Weight. 1900 lb
Empty Wt. 1295 lb.
Fuel capacity 29 USG
Top speed 132 mph.
Cruise mph 122.
Stall 45 mph.
Climb rate 1050 fpm.
Takeoff roll 420 ft.
Land-ing roll 520 ft
Takeoff distance (50’) 790 ft.
Land-ing distance (50’) 850 ft.
Range 360 sm.
Service ceiling: 19,000 ft.
Seats: 2.


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