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Tiziano Danieli Piuma Twin




A 2 seat project is also available, the Piuma Twin, later substituted by the Piuma Twin Evolution, that includes all the improvements suggest during 9 years of Piuma Twin constructions, with a 20 cm longer front fuselage. This gices a better balance for 2 people without the ballast and a shape similar to the one seat Piuma Evolution. This shape allow lighter aft parts and more stiffness of the tail boom. Also the elevators are similar to the Evolution one seat.
The Piuma Twin Project was finished in 1998.
The wooden fuselage is lighter; the instrument panel is similar to a glider.
There is a single version of the Twin, with wings of 42,7 feet and 132 sq.ft.
The special drawings numbers 12sp, 13sp and 14sp are always available, to allow to build the wings from 42 to 45 feet with high efficiency winglets.
It's recommended, considered the positioning behind the cockpit; a light engine not exceeding 55 kg for complete engine, engine mounting and propeller.
A Rotax 503, (45/50 hp), combined with a carbon fibre 3 blade prop can be suitable for the project. The HKS, 4 stroke of 60 Hp could be an alternative. The two seats cabin is 43in wide and the seats are padded.

The new project is made with 16 big drawings of 24 x 41 or more (the ribs are in 1-1 scale):
N.1 to 6 Triptych, fuselage, frames, landing gears, levers, engine mounting, etc
N.7 to 11 Wings, ribs, spars, levers in the wings, ailerons, flaps and air brakes
N.15 to 19 Vertical, Elevators, ribs and spars, levers and aft little wheel
The special drawings n. 12sp, 13sp and 14sp are in option and they allow to build the wings from 42 to 45 feet with high efficiency winglets, to cover the wings with all birch ply, to put the fuel tanks in the wings and to build new special air brakes.
The Plans Basic are made from 16 drawings in English and the Construction Book in English (44 pages with 30 photos and a lot of drawings to explain the construction); a complete note of the materials to buy is also included.
It is possible to check the centre of gravity and flight is explained in detail. There is also a note of the parts weight.
In the Plans Advanced there are also the 3 option drawings, the Project book (this is in Italian language, but there are 32 photos and 80 drawings, graphics and lists and it is easy to understand the calculations) and a DVD with 3200 photos (1600 are of the Twin construction).

The tail boom in Aluminium 6005-T16 is also available: diameter 127mm - thickness 1,5mm - length 5,2 m.
The wing profiles are the same of the Tourer Piuma.
The material cost, without engine and instruments, is about 8000 euro, at the 2007 prices.
The time of construction is about 1200 hours.

Wing Span: 42.7 ft. / 13 m
Wing Area: 132 sq.ft. / 12.2 sq.m
Length: 21.3 ft / 6.5 m
Height: 5.6 ft / 1.7 m
Empty Weight: 600 lbs. / 270 kg
Gross Weight: 980 lbs. / 440 kg
Fuel Capacity: 11 gal / 40 lt
hp: 50
hp Range: 45/60
Vne: 106 mph. / 175 Km/h
Top speed: 103 mph. / 165 Km/h
Va: 92 mph. / 145 Km/h
Stall: 44 mph. / 70 Km/h
Stall full flaps: 35 mph. / 55 Km/h
L/D: 20/1
Min.Sink Rate: 220 ft/min. / 1.1 m/sec
Load factors max: + 4.6   -2.3
Take-off distance: 400 ft. / 120 m
Landing distance: 400 ft. / 120 m
Bldg Time: 1.200 hr


Engine: Rotax 503, 45 hp
HP range: 45-65
Length: 20.6 ft
Wing span: 41 ft
Wing area: 125 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 13.5-1
Empty weight: 490 lb
Gross weight: 910 lb


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