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Cvjetkovic CA-65 Skyfly



This airplane represents a further development of the CA-61 Mini Ace, which first flew in July 1965. The CA-65 is an all wood side by side two seater low-wing monoplane with retractable landing gear and dual controls, designed in 1964-65. It features a streamlined canopy, enclosed engine, tapered wing and fully retrac-table gear. Its wood construction cuts requirements for tooling and special jigs to a minimum. The wing consists of a centre section and two outer panels set at 3o dihedral. The wing structure is made up of two spruce spars, built up girder type ribs and is completely plywood covered. The fuselage is of conventional wood construction and covered with plywood. A manually operated flap is fitted under the fusealage. The empennage consists of ply covered fixed surfaces and fabric covered control surfaces. On the folded wing version the outer panels fold upwards from the centre section. Mechanically, inward retracting, main undercarriage legs are fitted. Two 11 Imp gallon fuel tanks are installed in the fuselage. Engines from 108 to 150 hp.




Engine: Lycoming 0-290-G, 125 h.p.
Span: 25 ft 0 in
Length: l9 ft 0 in
Wing Area: l08 sq.ft.
Empty Weight: 900 lb.
Loaded Weight: 1,500 lb.
Max. Speed: 135 mph.
Cruise Speed: 125 mph.
Stall Speed: 55 mph.
Initial Climb: 900 fpm.
Range: 450 miles.
Fuel capacity 22 Imp.G.
Ceiling 15,000.
Takeoff run 450 ft.
Landing roll 600 ft.
Seats: 2.

Engine: Lycoming O-320, 150 hp.
Vne: 156 kt.
MAUW: 1500 lb.
Empty wt: 963 lb.
Fuel cap: 113.5 lt.
Endurance: 3.2 hr.
Stall: 52 kt.
Cruise: 120 kt.


Engine: Lycoming
Wing span: 7.62 m
Wing area: 9.94 sq.m
MAUW: 680 kg
Empty weight: 408 kg
Fuel capacity: 105 lt
Max speed: 290 kph
Cruise speed: 250 kph
Minimum speed: 88 kph
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 25 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): $180



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