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Designer Morgan Williams Jr. started with a Super Cub design to build a better aircraft. The design of the North Star had four parameters. It had to be stronger, more durable, fly better, and be easier to work on.
There were weak spots in the Cub that were known but really show up when raising the gross weight. The SC is a J3 with a higher gross and a bigger engine. With an added extra set of diagonals to the fuselage, shortening the spans in a structurally sound way. The wings are similarly strengthened with the spar reinforcements copied and improved from the Pawnee crop duster. Many more durability and other enhancements are listed in the construction specs.
The landing gear legs are 3" taller to give higher angle of attack for better takeoff.
The sheet metal on the top of the leading edge is extended to about 4" aft of the front spar. This gives a truer airfoil shape without the concave fabric between ribs in this critical section of the wing. The back of the fuselage is not the typical "peaked roof" as seen on most Cubs. Piper flattened the back on the agricultural models to facilitate a hopper door. By chance, since the back more closely followed the wing shape, they found the "A" models had a slightly lower stall speed.
The trailing edge of the wing is extended. This wing has 3 feet more effective span on each side. The longer trailing edge also puts the aileron outboard 2 feet. The aileron, like the flaps, also has greater cord and better airflow through the slot. All the North Stars are rigged flat, no washout.
The flaps are larger, 2' longer and 4" wider cord than cub flaps. The superior hinge geometry, and the redesigned radiuses on the aft bottom portion of the wing ribs of the North Star, produce the improved, energised, air flow through the large slot that adheres to the top surface of the flap, making the slow speed performance exceptional. With no flaps the North Star lifts off at 35 mph. With 20 degrees of flap it jumps into the air on takeoff at 25 mph, and climbs! This low speed means less ground wasted accelerating. Full flaps, no power on approach gives 800 FPM descent. Just touch the throttle to 1200 RPM and the path flattens out giving excellent descent control. Sideslips also work and when performed with full flaps can give 1,000-1,500 FPM rate of descent. After you become familiar with the airplane a normal approach will be full flap, 40mph, no power, over the trees, sideslip, straighten, flair, flaps off, brakes on.
The shocks are a hydraulic shock/coil spring combination. The long stroke and hydraulic shock damping give much superior protection from those extra rough landings.
Along with the kit, supplied is instructions on videotape, and a dozen 24" x 36" blue prints with full size details of the wing are included. For the fuselage: full size patterns for the floor boards and interior panels are supplied with a video to show how to make and install the interior. A binder is provided with 2 separate parts lists: hardware order lists with recommended suppliers and hardware location lists that tell where each bolt, pulley, etc. goes in the airplane. The binder also contains CAD detail drawings, indexed for the various areas and systems of the plane. It is set up so that new drawings can be added as they are created.

Fuel tanks in wings are welded .040-5052 aluminum and hold a total of 52 U.S. gal/44 Imp. gal./197 L.
-2 doors.
-baggage door.
-baggage floor lowered to bottom longerons.
-baggage floor extends 52" aft.
-90 lb. baggage capacity.
-stainless steel belly framework, corrosion proof even if moisture does collect in belly.
-6" travel in adjustable front seat with tilting back.
-rear seat tilts and lifts out for more cargo.
-fish pole/ski tube behind baggage (option).

North Star
Engine: Lycoming 0320 (150 hp).
HP range: 150-180.
Wing span: 36 ft 4 in
Height: 6.8 ft.
Length: 22.5 ft.
Wing area: 190.7 sq.ft.
Empty weight: 1170-1250 lbs.
Gross weight: 2000-2200 lbs. (2300 on floats)
Fuel capacity: 52 U.S. gal./44 Imp. gal./197 L.
Speed max: 140 mph.
Stall speeds at 2200 lb:
40 mph, No Power, No Flaps.
35 mph, No Power, or Full Flaps.
35 mph, Full Power, No Flaps.
30 mph, Full Power, Flaps.
25 mph, Full Power, Full Flaps.
Cruise 82-41 prop and 600-6 wheels: 98 mph.
Cruise on 2000 floats: 85 mph.
Lifts off: 45 mph in 500 ft
Climb: 600 fpm through 4,000 ft.
Baggage: 90 lbs.
Take off roll 180 ft
Lift off and land-on floats: 35-40 mph, 9 seconds
Range: 600 sm.
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: tail wheel.
Cockpit width: 29 in


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