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Curtiss 91 / XP-62



The Curtiss XP-62 was the final propeller-driven fighter built by Curtiss and its dimensions were exceeded only by the Boeing XF8B naval fighter. The XP-62 was ordered by the USAAF on 27 June 1941 with the 1715kW Wright R-3350 radial engine. Initial plans called for delivery of one XP-62 and one XP-62A and later for 100 production P-62 fighters, but it was clear almost from the beginning that the design was overweight, underpowered, and an uneconomical alternative to continued Curtiss production of the P-47G Thunderbolt. Because it would be an effective testbed for dual-rotation propellers and a pressurized cabin, it was decided on 18 July 1942 to proceed with a sole airframe, the remaining machines on order being cancelled.
Development of the XP-62's cabin pressurisation system was delayed and the aircraft did not fly until early 1944. By then even the XP-62's value as a test ship was marginal and the programme was terminated after a few hours' flying time.

Engine: 1715kW Wright R-3350 radial
Max take-off weight: 6640 kg / 14639 lb
Empty weight: 5340 kg / 11773 lb
Wingspan: 16.36 m / 53 ft 8 in
Length: 12.04 m / 39 ft 6 in
Height: 4.95 m / 16 ft 3 in
Wing area: 39.02 sq.m / 420.01 sq ft
Max. speed: 720 km/h / 447 mph
Ceiling: 10800 m / 35450 ft
Range: 1140 km / 708 miles




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