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Curtiss R-6




Also entered in the 1922 Pulitzer Race was a pair of Army Curtiss racers originally called CR-2 but later changed to R-6 (Model 2A). Curtiss built them two R-6 developed from the US Navy's CR. The R-6s were considerably cleaner and a major contribution to drag reduction was the introduction of wing surface radiators.
Lt. Russell Maughan won the race in No. P-279 (68564) at 206 mph, and Lt. Maitland was second (68563) at 199 mph in No. P-278. Both airplanes then flew in the 1923 Pulitzer, Lt. Corkill placing sixth in P-278 at 216 mph, and Lt. Miller fifth in P-279 at 219 mph. In the 1924 Pulitzer, P-278 disintegrated at the start, killing Capt. Burt Skeel, while Lt. Brookley went on to place second at 215 mph in the 1922 winner. The R-6s held the speed record several times: Billy Mitchell flew P-279 (68564) at 224.28 mph in 1922; Russell Maughan flew it 237 mph in 1923, and then Maitiand flew P-279 240 mph a short time later. The Curtiss racers were making a lot of history.
Engine: Curtiss D-12
Wingspan: 19'10"
Length: 18'11"
Useful load: 505 lb
Seats: 1



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