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The definitive 1913 Model F was of wooden construction, the two-bay biplane had inter-plane ailerons on each side, fabric-covered wings and tail unit, and a carefully contoured single-step plywood-covered hull which accommodated two side-by-side in a cockpit location just forward of the wings. Power was a 56kW Curtiss O engine driving a pusher propeller. The engine being mounted on struts just below the upper wing centre-section.

The Curtiss F two-seat biplane flying boat became the Army's first flying boat. This basic design was ordered by the US Navy, and after the United States entered World War I on 6 April 1917 it was adapted as the service's standard primary training flying-boat, 144 more being ordered. During the war, Curtiss received so many orders for flying boats that he hired Boeing and Loughead (later renamed "Lockheed") to build them to his specifications.
The F was also sold to several civil owners.
The 1914 version of the Model F had rounded wingtips, a tougher hull and increased strut support for the engine to prevent it collapsing on the crew in the event of a crash.
The 1917-18 version of the Model F eliminated the original shoulder-yoke type aileron control in favour of a more conventional arrangement; and some aircraft had the ailerons transferred to the upper wing from the interplane position, span of the upper wing being extended. Several ambulance conversions flew with provision for a stretcher patient to be carried above the hull behind the cockpit. The more powerful Curtiss OXX-3 engine was fitted from 1917 onwards.
The Model F, particularly in its earlier versions, was sold to a number of foreign navies. Russia obtained a considerable number for operation in the Baltic and Black Seas. The Italians also flew the Model F and eight examples were licence-built by the Zari company at Bovisio.

Engine: 1 x 75kW Curtiss OXX-3 inline piston
Take-off weight: 1116 kg / 2460 lb
Empty weight: 844 kg / 1861 lb
Wingspan: 13.75 m / 45 ft 1 in
Length: 8.48 m / 27 ft 10 in
Height: 3.42 m / 11 ft 3 in
Wing area: 35.95 sq.m / 386.96 sq ft
Max. speed: 110 km/h / 68 mph
Range: 1370 km / 851 miles




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