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Cunningham-Hall Aircraft Corp


Randolph F. Hall, with other ex-employees of Thomas- Morse Aircraft Corporation, formed this company at Rochester, NY, in 1928, in collaboration with the U.S. automobile company James Cunningham, Son & Co. First aircraft was a six-seat passenger transport (twin-engined PT-6), but only two built. Followed by Model X-90(N) tandem two-seat biplane with special high-lift wings, entered for 1929 Guggenheim Safe Airplane Competition. A developed version (also high-lift wings) led to GA- 21M all-metal monoplane in 1934, which reappeared after a year or so as GA-36 with Super Scarab engine. In 1937 built PT-6F biplane light freighter, a two-seat development of PT-6 with 512kg payload and Wright Whirlwind engine. Company ceased building complete aircraft and produced subcontract aircraft components for other firms during Second World War. It was dissolved in 1948.


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