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Crowe/Robins GRS-1



This gyrocopter is a product from Alf Crowe and Glen Robins. Alf originally started building it as a two-seater. Glen Robins designed the cab, making it a single-seat machine, and made the necessary engine adjustments and added a pre-rotator. So the “GRS” in the designation stands for “Glen Robins Special”. It is pow-ered by a Subaru EA81 engine onto a three-blade warp drive propeller. The rotor blades, built by the late George Clark, are 28 foot and wooden with a 9-inch chord (following the Van Craft pattern). They have a steel insert through them for the length of the blade. They have a lot of inertia and take a while to build up to speed, but the pre-rotator does help. It had its first flight at its home base Taonui in October 2001, with Alf Crowe at the helm.
The registration ZK-RAJ being withdrawn on 30 June 2003.

Engine: Subaru EA81.
Prop: three-blade warp drive.
Blades: 28 ft x 9 in.


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