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Convair 580 / 5800



The Convair 580 is a turbine powered development of the Convair 340/440. Standard Pratt and Whitney R2800 piston engine (2,000hp) Convairs were converted to take a pair of Allison 501-D turboprop engines developing 2796kW (3750ehp) and driving four-bladed propellers. Development work was carried out by PacAero Engineering Corp, the extra power allowed a gross weight increase to 53,200 lb. for take off following some structural modification including an enlarged horizontal and vertical tailplane. The conversion line was opened at Pacific Airmotive Corp. Burbank, California, following certifica-tion in 1960. The last 580 was delivered in July 1969 after 170 aircraft had been converted. In all-passenger configuration it could carry 39 passengers.


Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd., Allison Gas Turbine and General Dynamics teamed to launch the Convair 5800 Program. The Convair Model 340, 440, and 580 Airplanes were converted with a fourteen foot, three inch stretch to provide increased capacity. The 5800 is powered by the Allison 501-D22G (Series III) Propjet Engine, de-rated to 4300 TSHP.
The CV5800 featured a reconditioned airframe with a projected life in excess of 100,000 hours, modern, all new lightweight electrical wiring, all new flight control system cables, dual point underwing pressure refuelling, roller floor system, and passenger, cargo, or Combi models with approved Class E cabin.
All have Honeywell EFIS Flight Decks. The passenger model 5800 has 78 seats, and wide body interior with overhead bins. The cargo versions have a 120 inch cargo door and pallets and containers are compatible with DC-9 and B-727 aircraft. There is a 9-G Tie-down system.
Convair CV5800 ex/C-131F, cn277




Engines: 2 x Allison 501-D turboprop, 2796kW (3750ehp).
MAUW: 53,200 lb.
Engines: 2 x Allison 501-D22G
Propellers: Hamilton Standard 54H60-164
Cruise speed: 325 mph
Range with 21,000 lb payload: 750 statute miles
Range with 20,000 lb payload: 900 statute miles






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