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Consolidated 37 / XC-99




Shortly after starting to develop the B-36 bomber, Convair began the parallel design of a transport late in 1942 (Model 37). The XC-99 used the same wings, empennage, landing gear, and six 3,500hp (2,600kW) Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major engines as in the ‘Peacemaker’, but it had a large pressurized, double-decked fuselage capable of carrying 400 troops or more than 100,000lb (45,350kg) of cargo.
Only a single aircraft was built which flew on 23 November 1947, it subsequently acquired bogie main wheel units and weather radar. By 1955 it had carried 35 million pounds of freight in 4,000 flying hours. It was used successfully by the US Air Force for special transport operations until retired in 1957.




Engines: 6 x Pratt & Whitney R4360-41 Wasp Major, 3,500hp (2,600kW).
Span: 230 ft
Weight: 265,000 lb
Max. Speed: over 300 m.p.h.
Payload: 400 troops or 100,000+lb (45,350kg) of cargo.
Maximum range: 8100 miles



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