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Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-2 / CA-6 Wackett Warrigal



When Japan entered World War II in December 1941, the RAAF did not possess a single fighter aircraft for home defence and, consequently, a decision was hurriedly made to produce a local fighter as a stop-gap measure to meet the threatened Japanese onslaught. Fortunately, the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation already had plans in hand for an interceptor aircraft, and this promising design was ordered into production on 2 February 1942. Thus, Australia's first single-seat fighter came from an organisation headed by Lawrence Wackett, who was also responsible for the country's first indigenous fighter, the two-seat Wackett Warrigal Mk II of 1930.
The Wackett designed prototype CA-2 Wackett two-seat prototype went into production designated CA-6.

CA-6 Wackett

Length: 25.98ft (7.92m)
Width: 37.01ft (11.28m)
Height: 9.84ft (3.00m)
Maximum Speed: 115mph (185kmh; 100kts)
Maximum Range: 425miles (684km)
Accommodation: 2
Empty Weight: 1,909lbs (866kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 2,590lbs (1,175kg)


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