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ICA Brasov IS-32
First shown publicly at the Paris Air Show in June 1977, and making its first flight that same month, the IS-32 Open Class tandem two-seater is developed by Iosif Silimon from the IS-28B2, having the same all metal fuselage as the latter married to an entirely new wing of 20m (65 ft 7.5 in) span with an improved aerofoil section, and a redesigned tail unit.
The new wing design employed double taper and externally hinged camber-changing flaps. The interconnected flaps and ailerons are also known as 'flaperons', the flaps working in conjunction with the ailerons in negative position for high speed cruising, and in the positive position for soaring in thermals, being disconnected fpr landing. Like the IS-28B2, Schempp-Hirth metal air brakes are fitted above and below each wing and there are water ballast tanks. A new landing gear is fitted, the main monowheel now being fully retractable instead of semi-retractable as on the IS-28B2. The one-piece tailplane has a new thinner section aerofoil. A flap-aileron interconnect system is one of the features of the Lark I.S.32.A2. This is a 20-meter model. The IS-32 is of the same all-metal construction as the IS-28B2,and deliveries were due to commence late in 1978.
Despite reasonable performance, the IS-32 was not competitive with its large span composite two-place contemporaries. No. of aircraft built to 6/30/81 15. 1982 Standard price US$32,950.
Wing span: 20m / 65 ft 7.5 in
Wing area: 14.68 sq.m / 158 sq.ft
Length: 8.36 m / 27 ft 5.25 in
Height: 6 ft 0.75 in
Empty Weight: 400kg / 882 lb
Payload: 190kg / 419 lb
Gross Weight: 590kg / 1301 lb
Water ballast: 416 lb.
Wing Load: 40.2 kg/sq.m / 8.23lb/sq.ft
Max speed: 144 mph / 125 kts / 232 km/h
Stalling speed: 40 kts / 74 km/h
L/D Max: 44 at 110 kph / 59 kt / 68 mph
Best glide ratio: 46:1 at 61 mph / 46 kt
MinSink: 0.62 m/s / 2.03 fps / 1.20 kt at 46 kt
Min sinking speed: 1.74 ft/sec at 53 mph
No. of Seats: 2
Aspect ratio: 27.25
Airfoil: Wortmann FX 67-K-170/1 50
Structure: all metal
No. Built: 15






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