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Industria Aeronautica Romania
ICA Brasov
IAR-SA Brasov
Regia Autonoma Industria Aeronautica Romana
Intreprinderea de Constructii Aeronautice

In 1925 was established in Brason the first large Romanian aircraft named “Societate Anonima Industria Aeronautica Romana” (IAR) to build aircraft and aero engines. Between 1925 and 1945 this company built around 1000 aircraft of 25 different types of which eight were under foreign licence including the Potez 25, Morane-Saulnier 35, Fleet 10-G, PZL11 c and XXIV. Indigenous designs included the IAR.15 single-seat fighter monoplane.
The most known aircraft entirely conceived and built by this company was the IAR-80 combat plane, ranked the fourth in the world at the time of its appearance in 1939.
Renamed Regia Autonoma Industria Aeronautica Romana in 1940, but still using IAR for types.
Came under joint Soviet/Romanian control as Sovromtractor from 1946, with Brasov works known as URMV-3 between 1950 and 1959. Only a team of enthusiastic specialists led by Iosef Silimon continued to design, build, and repair light aircraft.
Aircraft development at Brasov by mid-1956 included IAR 811 piston trainer (first flown 1949), IAR 813 two-seat lightplane, IAR 814 twin-engined transport of 1953 and IAR 817 single-engined general-purpose light transport of 1955. Aircraft from LFIL factory at Reghin included RG-6 tandem two-seat sports and training monoplane.
In 1968 it was decided to restore the the aircraft factory under the new name “ICA Brasov”. Undertook repair and overhaul of light aircraft; built aircraft of its own design, such as the IAR-824 six seat general-purpose light aircraft and IS-28/IS-29 sailplanes, manufactured Aerospatiale SA 316B Alouette III helicopters under license, participated in license-construction of the Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander and carried out series production of nationally designed aircraft.

The ICA-Brasov or Intreprinderea de Constructii Aeronautice Brasov (Aircraft Construction Factory Brasov) is responsible for all sailplane development and production in Romania, and their principal designer is Professor losif Silimon, who has created a long series of sailplanes that are widely used in the national clubs; these are prefixed by the letters 'IS' which form the Professor's initials.

In 1976 the IS28M2 motor glider began manufacture, and in 1977 the tandem two-seat IS28M1 motor glider prototype had been completed, from which the IAR-34 was derived.
Name changed to IAR-SA Brasov in 1991. Has built Aerospatiale Alouette helicopter as IAR 316B (280), Russian Ka-126 helicopter, and French Puma helicopter (as IAR 330L Puma) under license, with Puma 2000 upgraded IAR 330L model offered with more engine power, Hellfire antiarmor missiles and advanced avionics among changes. Has agreement with Eurocopter to construct up to 80 AS 350BA and AS 355N helicopters. Made agreement with Bell Helicopter Textron of U.S.A. to license build 96 AH- 1W SuperCobra attack helicopters for the Romanian armed forces as AH-1RO Draculas, with Bell taking a majority shareholding in the privatizing company as part of the agreement. Kraiova works to license-manufacture Russian Beriev Be-32K. Own products include IAR 46 two-seat lightplane (first flown 1993), IAR-35 glider, and IS-28 series of gliders/motorgliders.
2008: IAR Brasov No. 1, Aeroportului Street P.O. Box 198   Brasov 2200 Romania

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