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Clement-Bayard No 1 / Adjutant Vincemont

Russian Empire airship Golden Eagle / Berkut




Clement-Bayard Airship No 1, The "Adjudant Vincenot" first flew on 28 October 1908. The Clément-Bayard No.1 airship was offered to the French government but was too expensive so it was bought by Tsar Nicholas II for the Russian army as the Berkut (Golden Eagle).The Golden Eagle had arms, but was out-of-date. The ceiling and speed did not meet the requirements, and it used for trainings.




In 1908 'Astra Clément-Bayard' began manufacturing airships at a new factory in La Motte-Breuil.
Seven Clément-Bayard airships were completed.
A 1908 Clément-Bayard No. 1 crashed in the River Seine in 1909.




Engine: 2 x Clément-Bayard, 130 hp
Length: 320 ft / 56.25 m
Width of hull: 10.5 m
Contained volume: 3500 cu.m
Max. speed: 28 kts / 51 km/h
Max load: 7700 lb


Golden Eagle
Engine: 103 hp
Volume: 3500 cu.m
Lengh: 56,2 m
Diameter: 10,6 m




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