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Designed by H.D.Boultbee in 1928 the C.A.C. Mk I Coupe, a two-seat, high-wing cabin monoplane tourer, was built at Burton-on-Trent, near Hull. Initially powered by an 85 hp ABC Hornet engine, the prototype G-AAIL was first flown in July 1929 and was demonstrated publicly at Heston that same month.
A factory was set up at Hedon to produce the improved Coupe II powered by a 100 hp Genet major radial engine. Two aircraft were built in 1930, G-ABFI and G-ABFJ, and two more, G-ABNT and G-ABPW, in 1931. Customers were hard to find and a sixth was never completed.
Coupe II
G-ABNT cn 0.2.3 was first registered to Civilian Aircraft on 10 September 1931. It was not sold until February 1933 when it was delivered to S.B.Cliff at Woodley. After moving to Whitchurch it was re-sold to G.O.Rees at Pengham, Cardiff in October 1933. G-ABNT was stored at Carmarthan from 1939 until early 1978 when it was purchased by P.A.Mann, who moved it to Biggin Hill for restoration.
Coupe II
Engine: Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major I, 100 hp
Wingspan: 35 ft 6.5 in
Length: 19 ft 4 in
AUW: 1500 lb
Max speed: 110 mph

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