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Chilton Aircraft Co Ltd


Operated from Chilton, near Hungerford, Berkshire, in 1936 to build D.W.1 single-seat light aircraft designed by Hon Andrew W. H. Dalrymple and A. R. Ward, a low wing open-cockpit wooden monoplane with fixed "trousered" landing gear and Carden-Ford engine, first flown April 1937. Three D.W.1 s built, followed by one faster D.W.1 A, first flown July 1939. Design of D.W.2 only half finished when Second World War began and it was never completed.

During the war company did subcontract work for MAP and aircraft industry generally. Dalrymple died in a flying accident in December 1945, and company reregistered on June 5,1946 as Chilton Aircraft Company Ltd. Prototype Olympia single-seat sailplane built 1947; rights in this sold to Elliotts of Newbury Ltd. in 1952. Company began work in electrical industry.


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