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Aero Dovron Straton D-8




The motorised ultralight sailplane Straton D8 Moby Dick was original driven for a Trabant or Rotax 227-engine. The wood construction V tail design has fibreglass wingtips and weights only 180kg. Like the D7 Mini Straton, the D8 was developed as a homebuilt motorised sail plane in the Czech Republic. It was available in partial kits or factory assembled leading edges, wing spars and ribs. Due to the low cost price, the Straton D8 was an attractive model for the homebuilder. The D8 is not only built in Europe, but also in the U.S.A.



Engine: Trabant, 24 hp            
Hp range: 20-32
Max speed: 80 mph                
Cruise: 60 mph
Stall: 20 mph
Range: 240 sm
ROC: 550 fpm                
TO dist:     250 ft
Ldg dist: 280 ft                
Glide ratio: 18-1
Fuel cap: 5 USG                
Empty wt: 250 lb
Mtow: 470 lb                
Height: 5.5 ft
Length: 20.7 ft                
Wingspan: 38 ft
Wing area: 107 sq.ft                
Seats: 1
Undercarriage: single wheel.


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