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Charpentier C-1




 In April 1929, French engineer Jean Charpentier deposited a patent for a twin-engine craft he had named " plane-aile". This was followed by a second patent in June 1931, for a twin-engine of transport. These machines remained projects, unlike the following C-1, whose prototype was construct. Having obtained an order from the French government, Charpentier began building the C-1 at the Caudron establishments, in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. The craft was powered by three 6-cylinders Hispano-Suiza line of 100 hp, each with a fixed two-bladed propeller. The C-1 was two-seater, each pilot in a separated open cockpit. The C-1 was damaged during taxy tests at Stamps-Mondésir, in October 1933. Repaired, it took off for the first time in January 1935 with the hands of the Poivre staff sergeant, but crashed almost at once. Extensively damaged, it was not rebuilt.



Wing span: 15.00 m
Length: 5.30 m
Wing area: 24.00 sq.m
Max. gross weight: 2000 kg


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