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Champion Lancer 402



Manufactured by Champion Aircraft, the Lancer 402 was a multi-engine trainer from 1963.

With a fabric covered airframe and tandem seating, the Lancer had heel brakes and oleo-spring gear.

Powered by two Continential O-200A engines of 100 hp each, it sold for around US$12,500. The wing span was just over 34 feet, a wing area slightly over 170 sq.ft and an overall length of around 22 feet.


Landing gear tread is 9 ft 8 in. Steerable nose wheel is aluminium casting. Fuselage nose piece, top and cowl noses are fibreglass. Ground clearance of 44in at tail allows full stall landings. Cockpit with control wheel in front, stick in rear, is 28in wide. Rudder and stabiliser trim is via levers at the left of front and rear seats. Vertical trim tab on high, wire-braced tail provides for hands-off trim, even with the loss of one engine. Mixture and throttle controls are duplicated and located high on the cockpit left, with carb heat controls opposite back of fron seat. Located at left wing root are fuel tank gauges selector switch for left tank, ignition switch, left engine starter and cockpit lights. Right wing root contains similar units for right engine plus two ammeters and electrical switches. Throttle mix controls hang from left side of cockpit.



American Champion Aircraft Corporation held the Type Certificate Number A3CE for the Model 402.

Useable fuel is held in two 26 US gallon tanks. Climb and approach speeds are both 80 mph.

Up to 100 lb of baggage can be carried in a compartment behind the rear seat.

With two seats in tandem, Champion only manufactured 24 Lancers, featuring a control yoke for the front seat and a floor mounted stick in the rear.



Engines: 2 x Continental O-200A, 100 hp
Propellers: 69 in fixed pitch
MAUW: 2450 lb
Empty weight: 1790 lb
Useful load: 660 lb
Baggage capacity: 100 lb
Max structural cruise: 130 mph
Typical cruise: 110-118 mph
Range: 744 miles
Service ceiling; 17,500 ft
SL ROC: 1200 fpm
Landing speed: 48 mph
SE min control speed: 73 mph
Stall clean: 64 mph
Seats: 2


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