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Champion Aircraft Corp


Champion Aircraft Corp was formed by Robert Brown after acquiring rights in the Aeronca Model 7 Champion two-seat training/ touring monoplane in June 1954. Aeronca Aircraft Corporation ceased manufacture of the Champion in 1951. Production began at Osceola, Wisconsin, in late 1954; subsequent models included the 7EC Traveler, 7FC Tri-Traveler, Sky-Trac, Challenger and Citabria. By mid-1960s the Citabria had become the main production version. In 1961 Champion Aircraft Corporation produced the single-seat parasol-wing Model 8 Citabria Pro for professional aerobatic pilots. Bellanca Sales Company acquired the company's assets on September 30,1970, by which time some 1,500 Citabrias had been built.

In 1982 B & B Aviation purchased rights to Champion lightplanes from Bellanca, then founding Champion Aircraft Company Inc. to build Citabria, Decathlon and Scout until 1985.


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