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Cessna CE-650 Citation III / VI / VII



Citation III


Cessna's Citation III business jet made its first flight on 30 May 1979. The aircraft, powered by dual 1655kf Garrett AiResearch TFE 731-3-100S turbofans, was scheduled for certification in in April 1982 and first deliveries made in the spring of 1983.

Apart from the rear-mounted engines, the Citation III bears little visual similarity to Cessna's other Citation designs. The Citation III is a completely new design using no major components of the Citation I or II. As the company's 'top of the range' biz-jet, the Model 650 Citation III was certificated by the UK's CAA in 1988 and by most European countries as well as the USA. More than 160 had been delivered by 1990. The two engines are 3,650 lb st (16,24 kN) Garrett TFE731-313-1005 turbofans and the cabin has standard seating for six passengers and two crew. Incorporates a swept super critical wing and T-tail, the Citation III first flew on 30 May 1979 and deliveries began in late 1982. The Citation III is a totally new airplane which takes advantage of many technological developments, including a high aspect supercritical wing, upgraded fanjet engines, and lighter weight structure, which give it the capacity to caxpy its passengers in extraordinaxy comfort at 540 mph with range to cross a continent or an ocean.

Citation VI and VII were developed as lower-cost derivatives for 1992 delivery. The Citation IV as a lower priced version of the III by standardising systems.

The VII is a higher powered version of the III using Garrett TFE731-4 engines. Cessna Citation III's cruise speed is 540 mph. Standard range is 2,875 statute miles. And with the long range option (its extra tankage does not reduce the cabin size) Citation III will cover 3,450 miles non-stop. Citation III is designed to cruise at 50,000 feet, and can take off, fully loaded, in only 3,900 feet of runway. The primary controls are manual (only the stabilizer and spoilers are mechanically assisted). There are no "stick pushers-stick pullers" or other mechanical augmentation systems.

The Citation III set time-to-climb records, performance not immediately associated with the original Citations.

By the end of 1989 174 had been delivered.

The 8-10 seat Citation VI and VII were announced in May 1990, both based on the Citation III airframe but with factory-installed interior and avionics package. The 'simpler' and thus lower priced $8.6M Citation VI features a 'low speed' wing and a modified undercarriage bestowing and the ability to operate from grass fields. Powered by two Garrett TFE 731-3B-100 turbofans, the Citation VI is designed to cruise at 874km/h at 15500m.

The longer range Citation VII version of the III is high powered with 1850kg thrust TFE 731-4 turbofans offering improved performance. First models were priced at US$8.6M.

CE-650 Citation III

Engines: 2 x Garrett TFE 731-3B-100S, 3650 lbs / 1624 kp thrust.
Seats: 8/10.
Length: 55.5 ft / 16.9 m.
Height: 17.3 ft.
Wingspan: 53.5 ft / 16.3 m.
Wing area: 312.156 sqft / 29.0 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio: 8.9.
Maximum ramp weight: 20,200 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 20,000 lbs.
Standard empty weight: 10,951 lbs.
Maximum useful load: 9249 lbs.
Zero-fuel weight: 13,700 lbs.
Maximum landing weight: 17,000 lbs.
Wing loading: 64.1 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 2.7 lbs/lb.
Maximum usable fuel: 7155 lbs.
Best rate of climb: 4140.
Certificated ceiling: 51,000 ft / 15545 m.
Max pressurisation differential: 9.5 psi.
8000 ft cabin alt @: 51,000 ft.
Initial climb rate : 3681.10 ft/min / 18.70 m/s
SE Rate of Climb; 1,006 ft    @ 129 kts.
SE Climb Gradient; 476 ft/nm.
SE Ceiling; 25,000 ft.
Maximum speed: 467 kts.
Normal cruise @ 45,000ft: 423 kts.
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 992 pph.
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 89 kts
Stall Clean; 111 kts.
Turbulent Air Penetration Speed; 200 kts.
Landing speed : 97 kts / 180 km/h

Citation VII

Engines: 2 x Garrett TFE 731-4.


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