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Cessna CE-550 Citation II / Bravo / T-47A



The success of the first Citation led Cessna to look at building larger and faster versions and development continued with the Model 550 Citation II. Announced in September 1976, the prototype first flew on 31 January 1977. Powered by two 1130kg JT15D-4 engines, the 8-12-seat aircraft featured a nearly 4 feet lengthened fuselage, increased span wings and more fuel and baggage space. Certification followed in March 1978.

In October 1983 the revised Citation S/ll was announced and the first production aircraft made its initial flight on 14 February 1984, with deliveries following soon after. This version has the JT15D-4B engine giving more power at higher altitudes, a new aerofoil section wing, leading-edge extensions, modified engine pylons and increased cabin headroom and baggage capacity. The Citation II/SP was cleared for single-pilot operation in July 1984.

A modified version of the Model 552 Citation S/ll was selected in May 1983 by the US Navy for training radar intercept operators designated T-47A. These have shorter span wings to increase rate of climb and maximum speed at altitude and more powerful 1315kg JT15D-5 engines. The T-47A first flew on 15 February 1984. Delivery of 15 T-47A was completed in May 1985. The T-47s are used to train aircrew in the operation of radar in both air-to-air and air-to-surface modes, and are equipped with nose-mounted Emerson APQ-159 radars. The US Customs Service operates seven Citations fitted with Westinghouse APG-66 (F-16A) radar. These are used to intercept and track drug smuggling aircraft.

The Citation II was taken out of production in 1984 when 503 had been built, but resumed in 1987. By the end of 1989 667 plus 15 T-47As had been delivered, making the Model 550 the best selling business jet.

The Citation II has now become Cessna Bravo.


Citation Bravo N60LW


1979 Citation II
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4, 2,500 lb thrust.
Cruise speed: 385 kts.
Max range: 1,903 nm.
Max usable fuel: 742 USG.
ROC: 3,370 fpm.
ROC SE: 1,055 fpm.
Max Cert Alt: 43,000 ft.
Max cert alt SE: 25,200 ft.
Balanced field length: 2,990 ft.
Max ramp wt: 13,500 lbs.
Max zero fuel wt (opt): 11,000 lbs.
Useful load: 6,400 lbs.
Seats: 12.

CE-550 Citation II
Engines: 2 x P&W JT15D-4, 2,500 lbs thrust.
Seats: 8/10.
Length: 47.2 ft.
Height: 14.8 ft.
Wingspan: 51.7 ft.
Wing area: 323 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 8.3.
Maximum ramp weight: 13,500 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 13,300 lbs.
Standard empty weight: 7196 lbs.
Maximum useful load: 6104 lbs.
Zero-fuel weight: 11,000 lbs.
Maximum landing weight: 12,700 lbs.
Wing loading: 41.2 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 2.7 lbs/lb.
Maximum usable fuel: 5009 lbs.
Best rate of climb: 3370.
Certificated ceiling: 43,000 ft.
Max pressurisation differential: 8.7 psi.
8000 ft cabin alt @: 43,000 ft.
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 1055 fpm @ 114 kts.
Single-engine climb gradient: 555 ft/nm.
Single-engine ceiling: 25,200ft.
Maximum speed: 385 kts.
Normal cruise @ 37,000ft: 369 kts.
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 990 pph.
Stalling speed clean: 95 kts.
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 81 kts.
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 180 kts.

Citation II
Engines: P&W JT15D-4B of 2,500 lbs / 1135 kp thrust.
Seats: 8/10
Length: 14.39 m / 47 ft 3 in
Height: 4.57 m / 15 ft.
Wingspan: 15.9 m / 52 ft 2 in
Wing Area: 342.6 sq.ft.
Wing Aspect Ratio: 7.8.
Max Ramp Weight: 14,900 lbs.
Max Take-off Weight: 14,700 lbs.
Std Empty Weight: 7,716 lbs.
Max Useful Load: 7,184 lbs.
Zero-Fuel Weight: 11,000 lbs.
Max Landing Weight: 14,000 lbs.
Wing Loading: 42.9 lbs/ sq.ft.
Power Loading: 2.9 lbs/lb.
Max Usable Fuel: 5,638 lbs.
Max Rate of Climb: 3,100 fpm.
Ceiling (certificated): 43,000 ft. Max
Pressurisation Differential: 8.8.
8,000 ft Cabin Altitude at: 43,000 ft.
SE Rate of Climb: 930 fpm.
SE Ceiling; 26,000 ft.
Speed, Max: 403 kts.
Normal Cruise 37,000 ft: 399 kts.
Fuel Flow at Normal Cruise: 1,092 pph.
Stall Speed, Clean: 95 kts.
Stall Speed, Flaps/Gear Down: 81 kts.
Turbulent Air Penetration Speed: 180 kts.
Range: 1807 nm / 3347 km

Engines: two 2,885-lb. Pratt & Whitney PW503A turbofans.
Seats: 7-10.
Gross wt. 14,800 lb
Empty wt. 8,750 lb
Max cruise 401 kts
Initial climb rate 3,195 fpm
Range 1,739-1,900 nm
Ceiling 45,000
Cruise: 403 kts
Range: 1800 nm


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