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Cessna CE-441 Conquest


Conquest I

On 15 November 1974, Cessna announced the development of a new turboprop-powered pressurised executive transport designated Cessna Model 441. The prototype was flown for the first time on 26 August 1975 and by the time that initial deliveries began in September 1977 the type had been given the name Conquest and the basic air-plane sold for US$850,000. The aircraft was certified on 19 August 1977, and powered by two Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines to provide the high-altitude, high-speed performance that Cessna required for this 11-seat transport.

The Model 441 Conquest incorporated the wing and landing gear of the Model 404 Titan, with the span increased by the use of wingtip extensions. The pressurised and air-conditioned cabin could accommodate up to 10 passengers, although a four-seat de luxe version was offered for executive use.

The Cessna 441 wings are of "fail-safe" construction, meaning there is no life limit requiring either fail-safe design or established fatigue life limits. The useful load of the 441 is 48 percent of its gross weight. The cabin is pressurized to 6.3 psi for a 10,000-foot cabin at 33,000 feet. The 441 will climb to 33,000 in 22 minutes. The wing is of bonded construction, with 30-percent chord Fowler-type flaps utilized to lower the landing speed. Maximum cruise is 277 knots. VFR range with 10 and baggage will be 1,150 nm; it will be 1,830 nm with five and baggage. The airplane exceeded every performance standard set for it before the certification program began, including a 10-knot increase in maximum cruising speed at 33,000 feet, to 287 knots.

In early 1978, one of the first production aircraft being involved in a crash resulting in the Conquest being grounded by Cessna. Modification of the tail unit was carried out before the type was re-certificated, and aircraft that were already completed had to be modified with a new tailplane.

A 400 lb gross weight increase is possible for the Corsair when owners fit the later standard stronger wheels and change tyres from 8 to 10 ply. On completing these changes they now have a Conquest I and the original big brother becomes Conquest II.

In 1983 the Model 441 was redesignated and marketed as the Conquest II and by 1986 when production ceased, 353 examples had been sold.

Conquest - Engines: 2 x Garrett-AiResearch TPE 331-8-401S/402S, 635.5 shp, 474kW
Props: Hartzell three-blade, constant-speed, full-feathering, reversible, 90-in dia.
TBO: 3,000 hrs.
Length: 11.89 m / 39 ft 0 in
Height: 4.01 m / 13 ft 2 in
Wingspan: 15.04 m / 49 ft. 4 in.
Wing area: 23.56 sq.m / 253.60 sq ft
Wing loading: 38.8 lb/sq.ft.
Power loading: 7.88 lb/hp.
Seats: 9.
Empty wt: 5,929 lbs.
Useful load: 3,996 lbs.
Payload with full fuel: 813 lbs.
Max ramp wt: 9,925 lbs.
Max Take-off weight: 4468 kg / 9850 lb
Usable fuel cap: 475 USG/3,183 lb.
Max landing wt: 9,360 lbs.
Max zero fuel wt: 8,100 lbs.
Max allowable payload: 2,171 lbs.
Max ROC: 2,435 fpm.
SE ROC: 715 fpm.
SE climb gradient at 120 kt (Vyse): 358 ft. per nm.
Service ceiling: 37,000 ft.
Maximum operating altitude without oxygen for each occupant: 25,000 ft.
Maximum operating altitude with oxygen for each occupant: 33,000 ft.
SE service ceiling: 21,380 ft.
Max speed: 295 kts.
Max cruise, at 24,000 ft: 293 kts.
Max-range cruise, at 33,000 ft: 257 kts.
Duration at max cruise: 5.68 hrs.
Duration at max-range cruise: 9.4 hrs.
Max range: 2,196 nm / 4245 km / 2638 miles.
Stalling speed, clean: 89 kt.
Stalling speed, full flaps: 74 kts.
Pressurization differential: 6.3 psi.
10,000-ft. cabin at: 33,000ft.
Takeoff dist 50 ft obstacle: 2,465 ft.
Landing Dist 50 ft obstacle: 1,875 ft.
Seats: 11.

CE-441 Conquest
Engines: 2 x Garrett TPE-331-8-403S, 635 shp.
Props: McCauley 3-blade, 93-in.
Seats: 8.
Length: 34.7 ft.
Height: 12.8 ft.
Wingspan: 42.7 ft.
Wing area: 229 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 9.5.
Maximum ramp weight: 9925 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 9850 lbs.
Standard empty weight: 5682 lbs.
Maximum useful load: 4243 lbs.
Zero-fuel weight: 8500 lbs.
Maximum landing weight: 9360 lbs.
Wing loading: 38.8 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 7.8 lbs/hp.
Maximum usable fuel: 3183 lbs.
Best rate of climb: 2435 fpm.
Certificated ceiling: 35000 ft.
Max pressurisation differential: 6.3 psi.
8000 ft cabin alt @: 28500 ft.
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 715 fpm @ 120 kts.
Single-engine climb gradient: 358 ft/nm.
Single-engine ceiling: 21380 ft.
Maximum speed: 295 kts.
Normal cruise @ 33,000ft: 287 kts.
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 372 pph.
Endurance at normal cruise: 7.4 hrs:
Stalling speed clean: 90 kts.
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 76 kts.
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 167 kts.


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