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Cessna CE-320 Skynight



The 320 has es-sentially the same structure as the twin engine retractable Cessna 310, but with two 285-hp, six cylinder, turbocharged Continental IO-520s.

The 310, 320 and 402 all share virtually the same wing and the 320 and 402 the same engines, with the only real difference being is that the 6 seat 320 is “derated” such that full throttle produces 32 inches of boost (285 hp).

The fuel selectors are found on the cabin floor directly between the two front seats and these control, by cable, the selectors in each wing. As there is some “give” in the cable system, selecting the fuel on requires the pilot to “feel” for the indent. Each engine has its own separate fuel system, but the two are interconnected with a crossfeed tube and each engine can be fed from either tan (necessary is you wish to balance the fuel in the two tanks, for example).

The tip tanks are, in fact, the main tanks, each holding 190 litres (50 gallons) usable fuel. The auxiliary tanks are slightly inboard and hold about 78 litres (20.5 gallons) each. There is space for additional fuel behind the engines.


Cessna 320E


Introduced as the premier model 310 version for the business-man, the turbo-charged 320 Skynight was never a big seller. Apart from the extra side windows the 320E is nearly identical to the non-turbo 310L. Only 575 model 320s were built.


Riley Turbostream / Super 310/320




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