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In 1977 the Cessna 150 range was replaced on the production lines by the basically similar Cessna Model 152. It was introduced with the intention of providing an airplane that burns 100-octane fuel with lower sound levels, better fuel consumption, and an increased payload. The Lycoming “Blue Streak” O-235 engine produces 81kW / 110-hp at a low 2,500 rpm, plus installation and a one-piece upper cowling changes to reduce engine noise and vibration, together with a McCauley propeller of a modified blade section. A marked improvement is the increase in maximum useful load by over 100 pounds to 589. With full fuel, the 152 has 433 pounds of payload for people, baggage, and/or accessories. Contributing to the useful load is an unusable fuel quantity of only 1-1/2 gallons. Cessna’s 69-inch prop teams with the derated engine to produce more efficient climb and cruise performance at a reduced RPM. There's also a 28-volt electrical system.

The 152 Aerobat is also available. It meets requirements for aerobatic maneuvers of 6Gs positive and 3Gs negative load. The an improvement included a system that injects fuel evenly into all four cylinders for prompt ignition and even combustion. With the 152’s optional fuel tanks, it can cover 794 miles while traveling at 122 mph at 7,000 feet and carrying a useful load of 1,101 pounds. Cessna offered a training version for the first time in 1981; the Trainer included a package price for the most frequently ordered avionics and accessories for training purposes. Main gear tires are 15-6.00 x 6 to reduce frontal area and save weight.

Spinning is approved in both the standard and aerobatic models.


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Between 1977 and 1986 the aircraft was available in four versions; the standard Model 152, the slightly heavier Model 152 II with a package of factory installed avionics and omni-directional light beacon, the further improved Model 152 Trainer with other improvements including an intercom system and transponder, and the Model 152 Aerobat with the same aerobatic capabilities as the 150 Aerobat. When production ceased in 1986, 7,482 Model 152 and Aerobats had been produced including 640 built under licence in France by Reims Aviation.

Reims Aviation in France built 89 FA152 Aerobats for the European market, similiar to the 315 that Cessna produced.

Custom Aircraft Conversions of Texas provide a bolt on conversion to tail wheel configuration. The tail cone is beefed up with an inner sleeve, the same main gear, leaf or tube, is retained, and a Scott tailwheel is fitted. It was claimed that the cruise improved by 9 mph and the rate of climb by 65 fpm.

Model 152 Standard
Engine: 1 x Avco Lycoming O-235-N2C, 81kW
Max Take-off weight: 757 kg / 1669 lb
Empty weight: 501 kg / 1105 lb
Wingspan: 9.97 m / 32 ft 9 in
Length: 7.34 m / 24 ft 1 in
Height: 2.59 m / 8 ft 6 in
Wing area: 14.59 sq.m / 157.05 sq ft
Max. speed: 202 km/h / 126 mph
Ceiling: 4480 m / 14700 ft
Range: 1158 km / 720 miles


Engine: 1 x Lycoming O-235-L2C, 110 hp.
TBO: 2000 hrs.
Prop: McCauley 2 blade, fixed pitch 69in.
Length: 24.1 ft.
Height: 8.1 ft.
Airfoil: NACA 2412.
Wingspan: 33.2 ft.
Wing area: 160 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 6.7.
Max ramp wt: 1675 lbs.
Max take off wt: 1670 lbs.
Standard empty wt: 1112 lbs.
Max useful load: 563 lbs.
Max landing wt: 1670 lbs.
Wing loading: 10.5 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 15.2 lbs/hp.
Fuel capacity (standard): 26 USG/156 lbs.
Fuel capacity (optional): 39 USG /234 lbs.
Climb rate: 715 fpm @ 67 kts.
Climb gradient: 649 ft/nm.
Rate of climb @ 8000 ft: 380 fpm.
Service ceiling; 14,700 ft.
Max speed: 110 kts.
Max cruise speed (75% @ 8,000 ft): 107 kt.
Range @ max cruise (45-min res): 350 nm.
Duration @ max cruise (no res): 4.2 hrs.
Cruise @ 65% power @ 8,000ft: 95 kts.
Fuel flow @ 65% power @ 8,000ft: 31 pph.
Endurance @ 65% power @ 8,000ft: 6.8 hr.
Economy cruise (45% @ 10,000 ft.): 80 knots.
Range @economy cruise (45-min res): 415 nm.
Stalling speed clean: 48 kts.
Stall speed flaps down: 43 kts.
Turbulent air penetration speed: 104 kts.
Fixed undercarriage.
Max X-wind: 12 kt.
Max range: 690 nm.
Takeoff dist. 50 ft obstacle: 1340 ft.
Landing dist 50 ft. obstacle: 1,200 ft.
Seats: 2.
Baggage capacity: 120 lbs.

CE-A152 Aerobat

Engine: Lycoming O-235-L2C, 110 hp.
TO dist: 725 ft.
ROC: 715 fpm.
Cruise: 107 kt.
Useful load: 589 lb.


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