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Cessna CE-120 / CE-140



The Cessna Model 120 prototype, first flown on 28 June 1945, was a two-seat cabin monoplane with a strut-braced high-set wing. The structure was all-metal, except for fabric-covered wings, the landing gear was of fixed tailwheel type introducing cantilever spring steel main units, and the enclosed cabin provided two seats side-by-side and dual controls as standard. Powerplant a 80 hp / 63kW Continental engine, and the higher power of this unit by comparison with competing types, plus a low price tag, ensured that Cessna gained an unexpectedly large measure of sales success. New for Cessna were the all-metal fuselage and spring steel undercarriage designed by Steve Wittman of EAA fame. The wing was fabric covered and featured rounded wingtips.




The Model 120, a basic aircraft, was complemented by a 'de luxe' Model 140 which provided as standard manually actuated trailing-edge flaps, extra cabin windows behind the doors and a full electrical system.

Cessna’s 140 was a deluxe version of the 120 model when both debuted in 1946. With a few cabin refinements, the 140 had a starter, generator, battery, and manually operated plain-hinge flaps. Both were powered by the Continental C85-12 of 85-hp, but the 140 could accept the 90-hp Continental.





A total of 2,164 120s were produced by Cessna before this model was phased out in 1948. The side-by-side two-seat 140 continued in production with a choice of the 85-hp or 90-hp engine.


Introduced in 1949 as the 140A, the 90-hp version had a metal skin in place of fabric covering on the wings. It featured single wing struts in place of the earlier “Y” struts. More than 5,500 140s and 140As were built before the series was permanently discontinued in 1950.

Cessna 120/140
Engine: Continental C-85-12, 85 hp
TBO: 1200 hrs
Fuel Type: 80
Propeller type: Fixed
Wingspan: 32 ft. 10 in.
Overall length: 21 ft. 6 in.
Wing area:167 sq. ft
Wing loading: 9.1 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 17 lbs./hp
Max ramp weight:1450 lb
Gross weight: 1450 lb
Landing weight:1450 lb
Empty weight, std: 770-900 lb
Fuel Capacity: (2 tanks, 12.5 USGallons each)
Usable fuel: 22 USG
Wheel track: 6 ft.
Wheel size: 6 in.
Seating capacity: 2
Cabin doors: 2
Cabin width: 42 in
Baggage capacity:40 lb
VNE: 140 mph
Cruise speed 75% power: 94kt
Cruise speed 65% power: 91 kt
Cruise speed 45% power: 90 kt
Max range (w/ reserve) 75% power: 370 nm
Max range (w/ reserve) 65% power: 378 nm
Max range (w/ reserve) 45% power: 395 nm
Fuel consumption 75% power: 4.8 USgph
Fuel consumption  65% power: 4.5 USgph
Fuel consumption  45% power: 4.2 USgph
Estimated endurance (65% power w/1 hr reserve): 3.8 hrs
Stall speed (flaps up):42 knots
Stall speed (flaps down):39 knots
Best rate of climb: 740 fpm
Service ceiling: 15,500 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 773 ft
Landing ground roll: 233 ft
C.G. Range: + 13.5 to + 17.7 in
Seats: 2


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