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Cessna C-38 Airmaster


C-38 Airmaster

A prototype of the C-38 is unveiled on October 11, 1937. It becomes the first Cessna airplane to be called the Airmaster. The 1938 Model C-38 again featured minor improvements, with some of the previously optional equipment fitted as standard; airframe changes included the provision of wider track landing gear and a large under-fuselage flap which served as an airbrake to reduce landing speed. It was very fast for its horse-power - 140 to 150 mph - with a 165-hp Warner, and it was the first of the small business planes with enough performance to be practical in instrument flying. Since the Airmaster came on late in the era, after suitable instruments and radios became available, most of them were equipped for weather flying and were instrumental in leading the way to really practical use of airplanes for business transportation.
Production of the C-38 amounted to 16 aircraft.

Engine: 1 x Warner Super Scarab radial, 108kW
Take-off weight: 1066 kg / 2350 lb
Empty weight: 621 kg / 1369 lb
Wingspan: 10.41 m / 34 ft 2 in
Length: 7.52 m / 24 ft 8 in
Height: 2.13 m / 6 ft 12 in
Wing area: 16.81 sq.m / 180.94 sq ft
Max. speed: 261 km/h / 162 mph
Cruise speed: 230 km/h / 143 mph
Ceiling: 5485 m / 18000 ft
Range: 885 km / 550 miles


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