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Cessna C-37 / UC-77C



The C-34 success was followed by an improved version of the -34, the C-37, introduced in 1935. When equipped with Edo floats, it becomes the first Cessna model to receive seaplane approval.

The Model C-37, introduced during 1937, brought in minor improvements to the furnishing of the cabin, which was widened by 12.7cm, and was fitted with electrically operated wing trailing-edge flaps. Some 46 C-37s were built, and one impressed in 1942 was designated UC-77C.


C-37 Airmaster

Engine; Warner Super Scarab, 145 hp @ 2050 rpm.
TBO; 600 hrs.
Fuel; 80/87.
Propeller; Hartzell Fixed Pitch.
Undercarriage; Fixed, Tailwheel.
Max Ramp Weight; 2300 lbs.
Gross Weight; 2300 lbs.
Max Landing Weight; 2300 lbs.
Empty Weight (std); 1400 lbs.
Useful Load (std); 900 lbs.
Payload (full std fuel); 690 lbs. (full opt fuel); 585 lbs.
Usable Fuel; Standard; 35 US Gal. Optional; 52.5 US Gal.
Wingspan; 34 ft 2 in.
Length; 24 ft 8 in.
Height; 7 ft 3 in.
Wing Area; 182 sq ft.
Wing Loading; 12.6 lbs/sq.ft.
Power Loading; 15.9 lbs/hp.
Seating; 4.
Cabin Doors; 1.
Baggage Capacity; 48 lbs.


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