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The first Cessna design to enter series production was the Cessna Model A, the first of a long and immensely successful line of high-wing monoplanes. A four-seater of mixed wood and steel-tube construction with fabric covering, the type was built in several versions with different engines.

The first Cessna A-series aircraft was delivered to Edwin A. Link of Pittsburgh, Pa., on February 28 for $6,500.

Type certification is issued for the Model AA on August 27 1928.



14 of the Model AA were manufactured with an 89kW Anzani, one of the Model AC with a 97kW Comet, three of the Model AF with a 112kW Floco/Axelson, four of the Model AS with a 93kW Siemens-Halske, and 48 of the Model AW powered by a 125-hp / 93kW Warner Scarab.



1927 A Series



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