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Aero Design & Engineering 695A

Aero Design & Engineering 1000


First built in 1980, the Commander 1000 was certificated in 1981. Design changes within the 1000 enabled greater interior space without changing the exterior fuselage dimensions. Cabin length was increased 2.9 feet and the cabin floor lowered nearly four inches to give a cabin height of 4.8 feet. A heavier structure was required all round to take the higher differential and the bottom exterior fuselage skins, replacing the floor of the former pressure vessel, were strengthened. Two aspects highlighted by the changes are the requirement to keep the rails extending the passenger steps clean and the now curved rear pressure bulkhead. The cleanliness of the rails prevents any damage to the seals and resultant loss of cabin pressure. In the 1000 the rear pressure bulkhead is curved, with the rearmost point being almost 3 feet further aft; the additional area accommodating the flushing toilet, small (100 lb maximum) baggage area and refreshment centre.

695A / 1000

Engines: 2 x AiResearch TPE 331-10-501K, 820 SHP.
MTOW: 11,200 lb         
Press diff: 6.7 psi.
Max SL alt: 15,900 ft


Engines: 2 x Garrett TPE-331-10-501K, 820 shp
Props: Dowty Rotol 3-blade, 105-in
Seats: 7/9
Length: 43 ft
Height: 14.9 ft
Wingspan: 52.1 ft
Wing area: 279 sq.ft
Wing aspect ratio: 9.8
Maximum ramp weight: 11,250 lb
Maximum takeoff weight: 11,200 lb
Standard empty weight: 7210 lb
Maximum useful load: 4040 lb
Zero-fuel weight: 9000 lb
Maximum landing weight: 10,550 lb
Wing loading: 40.1 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 6.83 lbs/hp
Maximum usable fuel: 3176 lb
Best rate of climb: 2804 fpm
Service ceiling: 35,500 ft
Max pressurisation differential: 6.7 psi
8000 ft cabin alt @: 30,750 ft
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 945 fpm @ 123 kt
Single-engine climb gradient: 510 ft/nm
Single-engine ceiling: 21,310 ft
Maximum speed: 307 kt
Normal cruise @ 18,000ft: 303 kt
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 582 pph
Endurance at normal cruise: 4.9 hr
Stalling speed clean: 81 kt
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 79 kt
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 185 kt



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